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What You Need To Know About Breast Restoration

Breast reconstruction is a surgical operation aimed at restoring the shape of the breast. As such, there must have been something that made you lose some breast tissue for you to go for breast reconstruction. The primary cause of loss of breast tissue is a mastectomy, which involves removal of breast tissue. The absence of breast tissue after a mastectomy takes away the feminism or natural look of a woman. The only remedy for loss of tissue after a mastectomy is breast reconstruction.

Common concerns about breast reconstruction

Do I need breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is not a medical necessity. As such, breast asdWaASDDSdaWSreconstruction is a purely elective, which implies that it does not have a direct effect on your health. Women surviving from cancer are usually the most probable candidate for breast reconstruction. A medical condition might inspire this, and thus it is not purely elective. As such, implies that cancer survivors going for reconstruction can have their insurance plans pay for their reconstruction.

What is the difference between immediate and delayed reconstruction?

You can have breast reconstruction done at the same time with the mastectomy operation. This process is referred to as immediate breast reconstruction. On the other hand, delayed restoration is done later after the mastectomy has been completed. There is no definite time frame as it can be done months or even years after mastectomy has been done. Of the two, most professional recommend the immediate route considering that it has the effect of reducing the overall number of surgeries needed for the reconstruction. Immediate reconstruction is also efficient and offers a lasting cosmetic effect.

Are all women candidates for breast reconstruction?

QWASDcSDQsA vast number of women are candidates for breast reconstruction. This procedure is recommended for cancer patients. Moreover, there are different restorative options. Some of them might use breast implants whereas other might need donor tissue or both. As such, the decision on which reconstruction option to use should be arrived on after evaluating your situation with your surgeon.

Are they any risks involved?

Looking at the two most important surgical restoration options, the flap procedure or one that relies on human tissues tends to be more intensive. However, patients should expect extended operations and lengthier recovery due to the complexity of the process. However, DIEP flap surgery in Phoenix, AZ tends to be long lasting upon success. On the other hand, synthetic implants tend to be prone to some challenges like a change of form, or raptures. They also require some corrective surgery, which might not be the ultimate solution to the problems.